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Key Mistakes Women Make When Saving For Retirement

Posted by GuidedChoice on Mar 5, 2019 3:58:52 PM

Studies have largely shown over the years that women tend to live six to eight years longer than men. This means they'll need a healthy nest egg that will stretch those extra years. However, historically women have looked at retirement investment very differently than men and, as a result, don't have the cushion they could have when the time arrives.

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401(k) Diversification Strategies

Posted by Thomas M. Anichini, CFA, Chief Investment Strategist on Mar 5, 2019 3:43:12 PM

From None to Too Much, How Much Diversification is Just Right?

This article discusses strategies 401(k) plan participants use to concentrate or diversify their assets, discussing one concentration strategy and three diversification strategies.

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Topics: diversifying for retirement, how to diversify, 401k diversification, diversification strategies, portfolio diversification, How should I diversify my portfolio

How Diversification Increases How Quickly Wealth Grows

Posted by Thomas M. Anichini, CFA, Chief Investment Strategist on Mar 5, 2019 3:28:54 PM

Investments can growth wealth two ways: by returning income to you and by growing in value. Expected return is the combination of income and growth you expect on an investment in a single year. Of course investments can also fluctuate in value, and some fluctuate more than others. Investment professionals call that fluctuation volatility. The wider the fluctuations, the higher the volatility.

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Topics: diversifying your portfolio, diversify your 401k, reduce volatility, portfolio volatility, investment diversification

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